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Welcome to Credit Repair USA in Grapevine, Texas. We are a veteran, woman & family owned business that has grown far beyond we could have dreamed . Imagine a streamlined credit dispute system where YOU mailed no letters. Imagine technology doing all of the work, reviews by an attorney AND you keeping track of all the communication between the software and the credit bureaus. Seriously, think about it. How cool would that be? Well, that is Credit Repair USA.

We run a technologically advanced credit repair system. Our results prove it. Yes, we allow you to have access to your own credit file online and letters sent. You are notified when an account has changed status or has been removed. You also receive specific action items with every file update. We want you to succeed when you work with us and continually be successful after working with us!

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Growth is a business’ lifeblood, the need for credit restoration expands every day. If you are serious about growing your business or building another stream of income,

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